Maryam A. Wajdi: is a young Emirati poet, currently doing her Bachelors in Business Management and a minor in English Literature in the American University in Dubai. Her poems are scattered pieces of herself; stories stemmed from other stories. She is an admirer of all forms of art and aspires to make a difference in the lives of people around her through her works of literature.

Alia Adil Falaknaz: is an Emirati student majoring in Visual Communication – Graphic Design at The American University in Dubai. Alia has joined various competitions including Think Science, Montessori Model United Nations and INTEL ISEF, the world’s largest science fair. Her interests include baking, cooking, and fitness. 

Mayar Ibrahim: is a 19-year-old Egyptian student studying journalism at the American University in Dubai, and she has been writing poetry and short stories since she was around 12 years old. Writing is how Mayar expresses herself and deals with her emotions. She is also an assistant editor for Indelible, as she is responsible for the poetry section, busy selecting contributions with words that come across the way they were intended.

Fadeke Lipede: is from Nigeria. When she was younger, her mother introduced her to the world of literature, which she instantly fell in love with. Fadeke’s realization that she could stretch her imagination to unparalleled heights vaccinated her, for she soon became obsessed with telling her own stories, showing her ability to create and seeing how far she can truly stretch her imagination for the world to see. One of her main goals in poetry and writing is for her readers not to merely be pulled by the strong emotions within her poems, but to also feel the transport to a new world. She doesn’t have a specific preference for a poetry type, for she likes to dabble with various styles.   

Rohan Healy: is a senior student of International Studies at the American University in Dubai. Rohan was born in South Africa and moved to Dubai in 2006. He has always loved two things in book format: history and fantasy. He has also been a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings and an avid history enthusiast since is childhood. Rohan likes writing that connects dots and tells bigger stories but with a personal, lived-in tale. He hopes that people who read his poems or stories get a sense that are reading beyond words, taking a few short steps into an instance, a time and place far from where they are.

Dana Hachwa: is majoring in Journalism (English track) at the American University in Dubai. Dana sees writing as a vehicle through which she can share hidden, intriguing information or perspectives on places, objects and events. Through her writing, she tries to show her readers how what may seem boring or mediocre can actually be the opposite.

Dr. Pamela Chrabieh: is a scholar, writer, visual artist, and activist. Author of several books and papers with a 20+ year experience in higher education, communication, content creation, and the arts, she has exhibited her artworks in Canada, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates. Previously Associate Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the American University in Dubai, she currently owns and manages a Beirut-based company offering expertise in Learning and Communication. and

Dr. Sharihan Al-Akhras: is the winner of the short story competition at the University of Jordan for the year 2007. She recently completed her PhD on Milton and Middle-Eastern mythology. At the moment she is in the process of co-editing a collection of essays entitled: “Women (Re)Writing Milton”. Her interests include Early Modern Literature, Middle-Eastern mythology, the demonic, Arab female authorship, East-West relations, and media.

Lorette C. Luzajic: is a mixed media artist and the editor of The Ekphrastic Review at, a journal dedicated exclusively to literature inspired by visual artwork, and her own poems and stories have been published in around 200 magazines, journals and blogs. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts in Journalism, and she focuses on creative work in visual art, photography, poetry, and art writing. Lorette teaches workshops on ekphrastic writing and on art without drawing. Her art shows regularly at her home in Toronto, Canada, and she has also exhibited her work in other cities around the world like Brisbane, Bristol, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, New York, Yucatan, and, recently, Tunisia, where she participated in an international artists symposium (creating paintings for the Ministry of Culture and exhibiting in two exhibitions in Tunis and Hammamet). Her website,, is where she showcases her work and posts her latest news.

Sadika Kebbi: is a corporate trainer and workshop designer. Sadika is known for her unique storytelling style. She is also a TEDx speaker and a member of the National Storytelling Network in the US.
Sadika is a John Maxwell Executive Director and one of his licensed and certified Coaches, Speakers, Trainers.
She is also the author of two books. The first one is academic and is entitled “The Temptations of the Flesh in Madame Bovary and the Awakening”, the second is a collection of 20 short stories entitled “The Hidden Face of Scheherazade”. Sadika has also published two research essays, articles and many short stories in diverse national and international magazines.
In 2016, Sadika founded an NGO called ‘Kun Ensan’, ‘Being Human’, which aims at co-existence peace building and bridging gaps between different political, social and religious communities within Lebanon, mainly through storytelling. Based on her experience in public speaking and storytelling, Sadika noticed how titles and labels fade away and eventually disappear once a human heart is touched.

D. R. James: has taught college writing, literature, and peace-making for 35 years and lives in the woods near Saugatuck, Michigan. Poems and prose have appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies, his latest of eight poetry collections are If god were gentle (Dos Madres Press) and Surreal Expulsion (The Poetry Box), the microchapbook All Her Jazz is free and downloadable-for-folding at the Origami Poems Project, and a new chapbook, Flip Requiem, will be released in Spring 2020 (Dos Madres Press).

Marilena Falcone was born and raised in Rome, Italy, where she earned her master’s degree in biomedical mechanical engineering and started a career in IT. In 2008, Marilena moved to Dubai following her husband. Here, she had the unique chance to pursue her original passion for the humanities and for writing. She has been a contributor for several online magazines and paper publications both in Italy and in the UAE.

Mary Jacob is Californian relocated to Wales. Her poems appear in US and UK journals such as Ink Sweat and Tears, Uut Poetry, Surreal Poetics, Visual Verse, Long Exposure and more. From 2015-2018, she organised the Words& poetry series at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Dorine Potel (born in 1982, in France) obtained her degree from the National School of Decorative Arts, ENSAD, in Paris, in 2006. She studied then under the two eminent artists, Florence Paradeis and Brice Dellsperger. Very soon after her graduation, she worked as a photographer in advertising. That experience left its mark on her thinking, as it confirmed once and for all the power of various forms of discourse and image manipulation, as well as the fragility of our imagination.
Henceforth, in making her images, she has paid careful attention to what what we see and the questions we ask, as well as our imaginary, while avoiding one-sided interpretations. Photographs and videos are, for Dorine Potel, two ways of keeping in direct touch with the world, hidden as it is under its endless representations.
She currently lives and works in France and Lebanon.
Her work has been exhibited at Beirut Art Center (Lebanon), Espace Gred in Nice, the International Photography Festival in Lianzhou, China, the Baudoin Lebon Gallery in Paris and the headquarters of the French General Confederation of Labour, CGT, in Montreuil.

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