Next Issue’s Theme: Imagination and Escapism

Oftentimes, in reading, we resort to the imaginary world to escape boredom, banality, fear, or any other unpleasant aspects of reality. To quote Umberto Eco:

To read fiction means to play a game by which we give sense to the immensity of things that happened, are happening, or will happen in the actual world. By reading narrative, we escape the anxiety that attacks us when we try to say something true about the world. This is the consoling function of narrative — the reason people tell stories, and have told stories from the beginning of time.

In other words, imagination, which can positively impact our life experiences, is a key to different worlds of possibilities. Lately, in order to “escape” or deal with the brusqueness of reality and give ourselves some reflective space, many of us have done a little more contemplation, writing, reading, and painting during the past few months of the pandemic (and the global crises that came along with it).

In light of this context, Indelible welcomes literary and art works (that were penned or painted during lockdown or other times of crises) on the theme of escapism; literary submissions can be pieces of fiction of the following genres: fantasy, science fiction, magical realism. Reviews of novels, poetry collections, or films of these genres are also welcome.

Nonfiction contributions may be essays on escapist experiences, reflections on today’s world, or articles on the psychology of imprisonment, freedom, or fleeing—or any other suggested topics related to the theme.

Submissions deadline is on November 7th, 2020.

Submission Guidelines:

Please make sure that all submissions are sent in MS Word format.

Prose submissions (fiction, non-fiction, columns) should be double-spaced, and pages must be numbered, with a word count of no more than 3000. For reviews, a maximum of 1500 is required.

Poetry submissions, however, may be single-spaced, and each submission can be up to 3 poems (with each poem starting on a new page).

Please send your contributions, along with a short bio (100 words max) to the following email address:

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Please inform us if your submission has been previously published elsewhere. We do accept previously published works, but only those with permission for re-publishing.