Next issue: “Skin in the Game”
Deadline for submission: March 1st, 2020

Risk is one of life’s most important and influential teachers, for, according to philosopher Nassim Nicolas Taleb, ‘skin in the game is necessary to understand the world’, and as Irish author Samuel Beckett once said: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” Where failure seems to accompany us, ironically, success seems to surround us, lurking around somewhere in the corner of our efforts, persistence, and perseverance. In light of this theme, we invite contributors to send in original articles, editorials, and creative works (poems, fiction, nonfiction, photography, art, music, videos, reviews) that tackle the theme of risking failure on the path to success. Looking forward to receiving your works that express how (once again,  in the words of Taleb): ‘No muscles without strength…opinion without consequence, change without aesthetics, …life without effort, … science without skepticism…and, most of all: nothing without skin in the game’.

Prose submissions (fiction, non-fiction, columns) should be double-spaced, and pages must be numbered, with a word count of no more than 3000. For reviews, a maximum of 1500 is required.

Poetry submissions, however, may be single-spaced, and each submission can be up to 3 poems (with each poem starting on a new page).

Please send your contributions to the following email address:

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Please inform us if your submission has been previously published elsewhere. We do accept previously published works, but only those with permission for re-publishing.